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Sweep is an amazing young dog. She is very easy to deal with, never wants to make a mistake. Very driven and loves to work.
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Imported in December 2017, Annie is a Field Trial Winner from England. Compliant dog that from day one has just wanted to please. Just days after getting her she went to south Georgia to quail hunt and was flushing and retrieving birds like she had done it her whole life. She is a KEEPER!
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FTCh Endowood Cork (Gus)

FTCh Endowood Cork (Gus) was imported in May of 2017. He is Field Trial Champion and was made a champion in his first trial if season in the U.K. A quote from his trainer, Ian Openshaw, "As good as you get in cover, no better bred dog in the country (U.K.)". It is an honor…
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