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  • Wolferton Beauty – Belle

    Wolferton Beauty – Belle

    Her registered name describes her perfectly, a beauty. A thorough hunter, she always covers the ground well, and wants to…

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  • Mallowdale Gem – Wendy

    Mallowdale Gem – Wendy

    Wendy is a ball of fire everywhere she goes. Quick to listen but always on the move, a true "pocket…

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  • Mallowdale Emma – Betty

    Mallowdale Emma – Betty

    Betty is a small sweet little girl that is very reserved around you. Often times in the airing yard will…

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  • IntFTCh Mallowdale Quin (Billy)

    IntFTCh Mallowdale Quin (Billy)

    International Field Trial Champion Mallowdale Quin, "Billy" was imported in January 2022. He placed 4th in the Irish Cocker Championship…

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  • FTCh Endowood Francesca, Millie

    FTCh Endowood Francesca, Millie

    Millie placed 3rd in the 2020 British Cocker Championship. The best word for her in the field is intense, she…

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  • FTCH Mallowdale XFactor (Buster)

    FTCH Mallowdale XFactor (Buster)

    FTCH Mallowdale XFactor (Buster) won the 2015 British Cocker Championship. He was used widely throughout the UK as a stud…

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  • FTCh Endowood Faith

    FTCh Endowood Faith

    Faith, winner of the 2019 Irish Cocker Championship. She placed second in the British Cocker Championship in 2020. She was…

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  • Harper


    Harper is a lovely dog that is always ready to go. Moves like silk through the field and always covers…

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  • FTAW Gem

    FTAW Gem

    Gem is a rockstar in the field. She is sleek and fast. Always on the go and real workhorse. She…

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  • Fizzgirl


    Fizzgirl is the definition of sweet and loving. Very biddable and eager to please.

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  • FTW Pathfields (George) of Dolbrenin

    FTW Pathfields (George) of Dolbrenin

    FTW Pathfields George of Dolbrenin (George) is a FTW from England. He was imported in December 2018, he is a…

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  • Lucky


    Lucky was imported in December 2018. She is a FTAW from England, truly explosive in the field but quiet as…

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  • Kym


    Kym was imported in December 2018. She is a tiny little thing, but like most Cockers she has no idea.…

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  • Sweep


    Sweep is an amazing young dog. She is very easy to deal with, never wants to make a mistake. Very…

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  • Annie


    Imported in December 2017, Annie is a Field Trial Winner from England. Compliant dog that from day one has just…

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  • FTCh Endowood Cork (Gus)

    FTCh Endowood Cork (Gus)

    FTCh Endowood Cork (Gus) was imported in May of 2017. He is Field Trial Champion and was made a champion…

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