Ryglen Training

At Ryglen Gundogs we use a low force, no ecollar methodology. Largely based on training techniques that Jay has learned through the years at Wildrose Kennels and spending time in the UK and adapting it to English Cocker Spaniels. We want the dogs to do their work because they enjoy it and trust their handlers. It has to be a team approach with the handler being the leader of the team.

Also, at Rylgen Gundogs we only train the dogs that are breed at our facility. That way we know exactly what it is that we are producing and know if we want to make changes to our breedings. Also, by training only our own dogs we can make OUR customers the priority in the dogs were training. However, training space is limited so if you are interested in us training your dog please contact us as soon as possible.

About us

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Jay Lowry and team

Jay and his wife Erin and their two children, Jack and Piper live outside of Vandalia, Il in the community of Brownstown, Il. Jay is a full time dentist in Vandalia, the community where he was born and raised. Having a love for the outdoors and hunting his entire life as well as a love for dogs, the two worlds collided in August of 2003.