Welcome to Ryglen Gundogs - Video

About Ryglen

At Ryglen Gundogs we raise English Cocker Spaniels from the best genetics available from the UK.  By importing genetics directly from the UK we feel we are bringing in dogs that will be more biddable, easier to train, and have genetics from proven fields that goes back generations.
As well as raising puppies, we offer training to the clients who have purchased their dog from us.  Puppies go home with their owners until they are at least 6-8 months old.  At that time they can come back to Rylen for our BASIC GUNDOG program which typically takes 6-8 months to complete.  
Besides training of client puppies we also have the ability to import fully trained dogs from the UK for those interested in that option.  
Finally, no matter whether it is a puppy or a fully trained dog we want to be there along the journey with you.  That’s the Ryglen Family!

Training @ Ryglen Gundogs

We use a low force, no ecollar methodology. Largely based on training techniques that Jay has learned through the years at Wildrose Kennels and spending time in the UK and adapting it to English Cocker Spaniels. We want the dogs to do their work because they enjoy it and trust their handlers. It has to be a team approach with the handler being the leader of the team.

We only train the dogs that are breed at our facility. That way we know exactly what it is that we are producing and know if we want to make changes to our breedings. Also, by training only our own dogs we can make OUR customers the priority in the dogs were training. However, training space is limited so if you are interested in us training your dog please contact us as soon as possible.