Dear Jay,

I would like to thank you again for the wonderful experience my family had picking up our pup, “Pippen”, at Ryglen last July.

Our family literally hovered over the computer screen, thrilled at the pictures and updates you were posting about the litter our puppy was in – we loved getting to know him “virtually” before getting to see him in person. Watching these updates helped us see with our own eyes how our little one was growing, thriving, and being loved on by your family, which was a joy. Pippin was very well socialized there with you, which made for a seamless transition into our family.

Once we arrived, we were incredibly impressed with your entire operation – from the cleanliness and orderliness of the kennel and whelping area, to the demonstration you gave us of your older cockers “showing off” the successful effects of your training methods. We appreciated the length of time you spent with us, giving us a thorough puppy orientation session and wonderful training advice, obviously borne out by your years of successful experience with this breed. I continue to enjoy and track your Facebook feed, appreciating and all your continued training updates and demonstrations.

The care you take in making sure you are producing the highest quality English Field Cockers is well worth the price, and the 11-hour road trip we made to pick him up from you. Pippin is proving to be extremely trainable, and seems happiest when I am working with him using your methods. Even at his young age (not yet a year), the training he has already absorbed is above my expectations, and his future as a flusher/retriever is beyond bright.

I have and will continue to recommend you and Ryglen Gundogs to anyone looking for an English Field Cocker that will not only be a phenomenal hunter, but will also be a loving and loveable addition to any dog-crazy family.

Thanks again,

Robert Bell, Asheville, North Carolina

Thank you Ryglen Gundogs for breeding such a great pup. I have been wanting to get a cocker for at least ten years.

Bodie has exceeded all expectations that I could of imagined in a cocker. You all did such great job socializing him that he fit right into our household and lifestyle without missing a beat.

He lives in the house and travels all over the country with me for work. In his first 7 months with us he has racked up close to 10k miles on the road.

What I love the most about him is he has a great working attitude and loves to train. What a quick study he has been, you can literally show him a concept twice and he has the idea.

Being an avid bird hunter, I can not wait to hunt with him next season.

Mr. Chip Laughton, Days Afield Photography