Jay Lowry, Owner

Dr. Jay Lowry has dedicated over 20 years to his passion for retriever breeding and training, with a focus on English Field Cockers for more than a decade. Jay and his wife Erin and their children, Jack and Piper, Jay resides in Brownstown, Il, a close-knit community near Vandalia, where he practices as a full-time dentist. Born and raised in Vandalia, Jay’s commitment extends beyond his thriving dental practice to the pursuit of excellence in dog training. His life in Brownstown is a seamless blend of professional success, family warmth, and a deep love for retriever breeding and training, showcasing his dedication to both community and craft.

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Buffy Chandler, Manager

Buffy is a Browntown resident, she has two children, daughter Annie and son Emmett along with his wife Madison. With a profound love for animals, she redirected her career after more than two decades as a pharmaceutical technician to become an integral part of Ryglen. In her current role, Buffy holds responsibility for various aspects of the operation, including overseeing business operations, managing veterinary care, facilitating the birthing process for puppies, and actively engaging in the socialization of the young canines. Her dedication to the well-being and development of animals has found a meaningful outlet in her multifaceted role at Ryglen.