All of the puppies at Ryglen Gundogs are born and raised in a climate controlled building separate from all other dogs. By doing this we lower the stress on both the mothers and puppies. And in turn the puppies are able to do what is most important at this stage.

At approximately 3-4 weeks the puppies and mom are moved to elevated kennels. This keeps the puppies as clean as possible which does 2 things: 1) Lowers disease possibilities 2) makes crate training later in life a little easier because the puppies do not like to be in a soiled area.

Puppies go home at seven weeks of age. We set aside a designated day for all clients to come and get their puppy. On that day we sit down and have a short classroom time to go over health records, training suggestions and answer any questions we can about the puppies.

Once the puppies go home they will forever be Ryglen Cockers. By that I mean they and their owners are now part of the Ryglen family. We want to always be available to help in any way we can to make our clients and their dogs a successful team. We want Ryglen Gundogs to be the ONLY place you would consider getting your English Cocker Spaniel.