Ryglen Dams

  • Dot (deceased)

    Dot (deceased)

    Imported in September 2017. She is the smallest girl we have, weighing in at a mere 20lbs. She is a…

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  • Fizz


    Her name says it all. This little girl never stops moving in the field. Her eye contact is second to…

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  • FTW Endowood Bakewell – Maisie

    FTW Endowood Bakewell – Maisie

    Maisie was imported from England in April of 2017. As the saying goes "dynamite comes in small packages" this little…

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  • Billie


    Billie is a Field Trial Winner from England. She competed in the 2015 British Cocker Championship. She was imported in…

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  • Rio


    Rio, a field trial award winner from England was imported in August 2016. Her pedigree is quite impressive, both of…

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  • Millie


    Millie is a beautiful liver colored female imported in June of 2015. She is a British Field Trial Winner and…

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  • Pop (Retired)

    Pop (Retired)

    Pop, a UK Field Trial Champion, was imported in May 2014. She is the mother of the Queen of England's…

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  • Cassie (Retired)

    Cassie (Retired)

    Cassie was our first cocker import. She arrived in June 2013, after competing in the British Cocker Championship Cassie is…

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