FTCH Endowood Cork (Gus) Gus Name: FTCH Endowood Cork (Gus) Weight: 29lbs DOB: May 8, 2014 Awards: Field Trial Champion and was made a champion in his first trial if season in the U.K. Pedigree FTCh Endowood Cork (Gus) was imported in May of 2017. He is Field Trial Champion and was made a champion in his first trial if season in the U.K. A quote from his trainer, Ian Openshaw, "As good as you get in cover, no better bred dog in the country (U.K.)".It is an honor and pleasure to have Gus at Ryglen. We are very excited…


FTW Pathfields (George) of Dolbrenin George Name: FTW Pathfields (George) of Dolbrenin Weight: 27lbs DOB: February 4, 2016 Awards: FTW from England Pedigree FTW Pathfields George of Dolbrenin (George) is a FTW from England. He was imported in December 2018, he is a true pleasure to have around. In fact he rode in my lap on the way home from the airport when we got him. However, he is a monster in the field, leaves no blade of grass unturned and is fast. A fairly small dog weighing in at about 27lbs, but again dynamite comes in small packages. Very…


FTCH Mallowdale XFactor (Buster) Buster Name: FTCH Mallowdale XFactor (Buster) Weight: 27lbs Awards: Won the 2015 British Cocker Championship FTCH Mallowdale XFactor (Buster) won the 2015 British Cocker Championship. He was used widely throughout the UK as a stud dog. He is very driven in the field, but at the same time very willing to please the handler. Simply one of the best!


INTFTCH Mallowdale Quin (Billy) Billy Name: INTFTCH Mallowdale Quin (Billy) Weight: 27lbs DOB: March 18, 2017 Awards: 4th in the Irish Cocker Championship, Top Irish Cocker in 2019 and 2021 Pedigree International Field Trial Champion Mallowdale Quin, "Billy" was imported in January 2022. He placed 4th in the Irish Cocker Championship in 2021. He won Top Irish Cocker in 2019 and 2021. To say we are excited and honored to have him is an understatement.